Three Kings- Conjure Oil
Three Kings- Conjure Oil

Three Kings- Conjure Oil

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Conjure Oil, also known as anointing, conditioning, dressing or ritual oils, they are essentially a base of carrier oil of the crafters choosing, with added herbs, roots, powders, resins, flowers, essential and / or fragrance oils.

Three Kings is one of the most famous and sacred blends available. Created to celebrate the Three Kings, or Three Wise Men, and the wisdom and magick they possessed. The Three Kings are highly celebrated in a large portion of the world on Three Kings Day. This oil is commonly used in celebration of these holy men, other holy and spiritual celebrations, daily prayers, to welcome guests and to cleanse a space from negativity and bad spirits. Some even use it to draw prosperity to the home. The main ingredient is frankincense, and is mixed with sandalwood, benzoin, myrrh and lavender. This produces a 100% natural, pure blend to add depth to any spiritual work or worship. The traditional gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the winter born king hold a more ancient, esoteric meaning. Use this oil to bring the blessings, sanctity, peace and spiritual purification- during the holidays, or at any time.

15mL / 1/2oz

skin safe, but always do a sensitivity patch test.


• add to baths/showers/soaks • anoint the skin/body • anoint window sills, doorways, thresholds • feed mojo bags • floor & wall washes • floor sweeps • sigil drawing • candle dressing • spell jars • home diffuser or simmer pots • money or salt bowls • cleaning & cleansing • anoint altar tools or witchcraft items • offerings • spell workings •