Q: Do you ship outside Canada?

A: Yes! We currently only ship to Canada and the USA.

Q: Do you do custom orders?

A: Yes I can created custom products, just send me an email at contactcrowscauldron@gmail.com

Q: Do you do any type of readings?

A: No, not as of right now.`

Q: Do you sell wholesale?

A: No. I can do bulk orders for weddings, parties, etc. depending on the product, amount needed, time estimate and shipping.

Q: My order still hasn't arrived, what should I do?

A: Check your tracking number. Due to the current COVID pandemic, mail has been delayed more than ever before. Usually it takes 1-7 business days to arrive within Canada and 7-14 business days to arrive to the USA. I have had orders take 21+ business days due to weather and COVID to arrive to the USA. If you didn't purchase tracking, unfortunately the order is not covered through insurance and I have no idea where it would be, as it's not tracked. Please always select tracked packet when ordering to save you from any lost or stolen parcels!

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