Hello everyone! My name is Cierra, owner and creator of The Crow’s Cauldron. Some of you originally may have known me by Enchanted Elixirs when I established my shoppe in 2013 on Etsy. I started my witchcraft journey around the age of 13-14 when I discovered the occult and magick through the powers of… the internet! I taught myself everything by researching, reading books and connecting through social media. It was my DREAM to open a witchcraft store, it still is to have a physical location. I remember writing tumblr post after tumblr post with in-depth details about my dream witchcraft shoppe. I then created my Instagram WitchyTips in 2014 when I decided I wanted to share my journey of becoming a witch. I wanted to provide inspiration, encouragement, tips and tricks for all those witches who felt like I did, alone and not sure where and how to begin when you're just so young.

            Fast forward year after year, I became more and more serious about crafting and creating witchcraft supplies and witchy products in general. I started uploading more on Etsy before I officially created TheCrowsCauldron.ca in 2020. I have attended plenty of festival shows throughout the years as a vendor where I made most of my sales and connections to the occult community in my area.

            The Crow’s Cauldron strives to provide quality witchcraft supplies made with pure intent, love and magick. I don’t create because it’s trendy, I create because it’s what I love to do and I want to show others that magick exists in the world and you are in control of your life. There’s power in magick, and when you combine your personal energy and power with the magick of the universe, you are unstoppable.

            We are an indigenous owned business and buy ethically, sustainably, and try our best to support our own country and be as eco-friendly as possible.

            I have pride in creating bath and body products for witches. As a certified Esthetician, I find joy in combing skincare with magick to create an unforgettable experience.

            We are proudly made in Ontario, Canada. We do not currently have a storefront; we sell solely from our online store and local festivals… although it would be a dream to one day have my own storefront shoppe! To find my upcoming events, visit my tab Events to see all the events I'll be at in Ontario throughout the year.

           Blessings always, -C