Lucky Green Hoodoo Rice
Lucky Green Hoodoo Rice
Lucky Green Hoodoo Rice

Lucky Green Hoodoo Rice

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Lucky Green Rice is a staple curio ingredient in any hoodoo cupboard! Rice is a symbol of wealth and luxury in many cultures and religions around the world. My handcrafted rice recipe includes all the traditional ingredients in Lucky Green Rice, some ingredients being shredded money, pyrite chips, many essential oils, many botanicals, glitter and green dye.

You can use Lucky Green Rice in any spell working, including money-drawing, prosperity, wealth, business success, gambling, promotion/raise, employment, abundance, bringing in more clients and attracting MONEY!

This listing is for (1) 2.5 oz bag of Lucky Green Rice.

How To Use:

✦ Feed into mojo/charm bags for wealth/prosperity/money.

✦ Add to a money drawing bowl for your altar.

✦ Sprinkle into your wallet or keep with change in your pocket. 

✦ Place in a open bowl near the front door of you business.

✦ Dress your candles for spell workings.

✦ Sprinkle around windowsills, doorways and around the outside of the home.

✦ Place in bank vault/safe/money box. 

✦ There are endless ways and places you can keep Lucky Green Rice to attract money!

I make my spell supplies with the most magick and intentions possible. I bless all my herbs, oils and ingredients and have my ancestors working to help me. I craft in small batches only to produce the BEST results possible, always paying attention to the day of the week, time and moon phases. You will be able to notice the amount of pure energy, love and intentions in my ingredients.

Sold as curio only.