Hot Foot Powder
Hot Foot Powder

Hot Foot Powder

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Hot Foot powder, also known as Bitch Be Gone powder, is a traditional hoodoo recipe of spices, herbs and curios used to assist in removing unwanted guests & lovers, stalkers, pesky neighbours, bad bosses, annoying co-workers, jealousy, law, evil spirits and much more! This is a 2oz bottle.

In traditional hot foot powder recipes, there is always SPICY and HOT ingredients such as chili pepper flakes, black pepper, cayenne and much more. I recommend handling with gloves and glasses to avoid sneezing, burning and irritated skin.

Ways To Use Hot Foot Powder:

  • sprinkle along the perimeter of your yard to avoid trespassers.
  • mail to the person you want to hot foot (inside a card).
  • sprinkle where the person you want to hot foot will walk.
  • under a desk or chair.
  • near a doorway entry.
  • applied to petitions or written spells.
  • dressing spell candles.
  • added to mojo bags.
  • anywhere foot traffic of the person you want to hot foot.
  • you do not need to use a ton! a little goes a long way.

For external use only. Do not allow contact with eyes or mouth. Please keep away from pets and children. Do not burn.