High John the Conqueror- Conjure Oil

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Conjure Oil, also known as anointing, conditioning, dressing or ritual oils, they are essentially a base of carrier oil of the crafters choosing, with added herbs, roots, powders, resins, flowers, essential and / or fragrance oils.

John the Conqueror is a powerful figure from North American Hoodoo folklore. Originally brought to North America as a slave, he used his quick wits and resourcefulness to triumph over all adversity, winning great power, wealth, luck and love for himself. His name and power are invoked whenever someone needs his help to overcome obstacles and challenges in their life, especially struggles against those that could be seen as more powerful than we are. The High John root is carried or ground up and scattered to gain great favours and success. HJTC oil is used to help overcome obstacles, achieve goals and protect against negative energies and curses. It’s also used for abundance, money-drawing, good luck, power, success, love, gambling luck, prosperity and strength. Never give up!

15mL / 1/2 oz

    skin safe, but always do a sensitivity patch test.


    • add to baths/showers/soaks • anoint the skin/body • anoint window sills, doorways, thresholds • feed mojo bags • floor & wall washes • floor sweeps • sigil drawing • candle dressing • spell jars • home diffuser or simmer pots • money or salt bowls • cleaning & cleansing • anoint altar tools or witchcraft items • offerings • spell workings •