Black Scrying Ink for Divination

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My black scrying ink is made intently with charged full moon water, psychic herbs blessed and burned to complete ash on charcoal and black india ink.

To Use: Add a few drops to a bowl or cup of clear water and watch as this enchanting divination ink tells a story. Add as many drops as you wish and watch the water as it creates different shapes, symbols and visions. You can also scry other ways on paper like ink blots on dampened watercolour paper, or write with the ink in your book of shadows or spells. Black water is a powerful tool for those who practice scrying. Black water is used in a similar way as when working with a black scrying mirror, but black water has the added benefit of working with the all the elements infused into the ink on water, which is also a wonderful reflective surface. This is a powerful way to capture visions or manifestations of spirits. Scry in a dark room lit with only candlelit to help connect with ancestors and spiritual beings.

Burned herbs include: mugwort, dittany of crete, wormwood, yarrow and sage, as well as two burned sigils on paper crafted personally by me.

Do not ingest. Black India Ink will stain clothing and porous surfaces.

2oz / 60mL