Beltane Spell Box 2024
Beltane Spell Box 2024
Beltane Spell Box 2024

Beltane Spell Box 2024

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The Beltane Spell Box 2024

This box is packed with products to help you celebrate for Beltane, the fire festival, which falls on May 1st 2024! The box includes the following:

  1. A hand-poured jar candle, topped with sweet violet, yarrow and cornflower. Scented in an array of sweet fruits and flowers to make it feel like you're dancing around the May Pole. Adorned with a bronze flower charm.
  2. (3) Chime candles for spell work (yellow, light green, orange).
  3. A set of (4) crystals: Aragonite, Citrine, Sun Stone and Carnelian.
  4. A package of Erotic incense sticks.
  5. A box of red rose incense cones.
  6. A chakra floral white sage smoke cleansing stick. (Thank you for supporting an indigenous business!)
  7. Beltane anointing oil 15mL (with info card).
  8. Handmade Beltane Witches Bell! All 100% crafted by hand, each witches bell contains rainbow ribbons, 3 bronze bells with wood beads and a bronze pentagram charm dangling from the grapevine centre. 
  9. A box of 10 coloured ribbon approximately 12" long to tie onto a tree, bush or decorate with for Beltane. Comes with red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, purple, pink, white, brown.
  10. A scroll with a small ritual on how to use the ribbons to honour Beltane.
  11. Beltane print-out for reference / book of shadows.

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