Ancestor- Conjure Oil
Ancestor- Conjure Oil

Ancestor- Conjure Oil

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Conjure Oil, also known as anointing, conditioning, dressing or ritual oils, they are essentially a base of carrier oil of the crafters choosing, with added herbs, roots, powders, resins, flowers, essential and / or fragrance oils.

No matter who you are on this earth, we all have ancestors. This Ancestor oil is used to connect and strengthen your bond with your deceased loved ones. Whether it be looking for strength, answers, and connection from those who came before you, trying to move through generational trauma or build your roots and find yourself, this is the oil for you to open the connection between you and your ancestors. You can use the oil for veneration, spirit communication, meditation, dream work, necromancy, seances or seeking knowledge and wisdom from your elders. Use before doing divination if you seek answers from beyond the grave. Step beyond the veil and honour those that came before us. This oil will help enhance and open the energetic connections between you and your ancestors.

15mL / 1/2oz

skin safe, but always do a sensitivity patch test.


• add to baths/showers/soaks • anoint the skin/body • anoint window sills, doorways, thresholds • feed mojo bags • floor & wall washes • floor sweeps • sigil drawing • candle dressing • spell jars • home diffuser or simmer pots • money or salt bowls • cleaning & cleansing • anoint altar tools or witchcraft items • offerings • spell workings •