Samhain Spell Box 2022!
Samhain Spell Box 2022!
Samhain Spell Box 2022!

Samhain Spell Box 2022!

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The Samhain Spell Box is back again! Halloween is here!

This box is jam packed with witchy products to help you celebrate for Samhain, the final harvest, which falls on October 31st 2022! This box includes the following:

  1. A hand-poured jar candle, topped with cloves, cinnamon bark, sage and an acorn charm. Scented in bourboned pumpkin.
  2. (3) Chime candles for spell work. (purple, orange, black)
  3. A package of exotic herb Dittany of Crete for spell crafting.
  4. A package of 'Black Magic' incense sticks
  5. A box of palo santo incense cones. 
  6. A package of (4) crystals: blue tigers eye, black tourmaline, rough pyrite & blue onyx.
  7. Selenite crystal stick aprox. 4".
  8. Glass "Moon Water" corked bottle. Comes in assorted colours and will be randomly selected. (grey, red, blue)
  9. Samhain anointing oil.
  10. Eucalyptus smoke cleansing stick.
  11. Samhain spell scroll.
  12. Samhain print-out for reference / book of shadows.

PLEASE NOTE: If selected UNTRACKED shipping, your box will NOT include a tracking number or insurance and I will not know of it's whereabouts once it is handed to the post office. I highly recommend selecting a tracked option in case any issues arise with delays, you know where your package is.