Love Potion #9 - The Love Witch
Love Potion #9 - The Love Witch
Love Potion #9 - The Love Witch

Love Potion #9 - The Love Witch

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Love Potion #9 is a wood wick candle in a cast iron cauldron, scented in a provocative blend of rose and violet with nuances of grapefruit and musk. Topped with rose, hibiscus, jasmine, rose quartz crystal chips and love lock key charms. When burned, a beautiful magenta pink wax swirls like glitter.

The cauldron represent the Goddess, the Sacred Divine, element of fire and a vessel for transformation, healing, and abundance. 

You can use your cauldron once the candle is done burning for incense on charcoal, potpourri or smoke bundles. Add sand or salt to the bottom and place your charcoal disc on top. On top of burning rituals and spells, the cauldron also represents the element of water. You can use it to collect different types of water, scry or make potions and brews.

This cauldron has a pentagram symbol of the side.

100% cast iron.

Caution: Cauldron can get very hot. Never leave burning candles, incense or charcoal unattended. Not for ingestible food or beverages. 

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