Handmade Witches Bells- ☥
Handmade Witches Bells- ☥

Handmade Witches Bells- ☥

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"Bells by the door, guard our home. Let evil spirits come no more. Evil spell shall not be cast, only good fortune shall ever-last. So mote it be."

 Witches Bells are used to be hung on a doorknob preferably to guard and protect the home from harmful and unwanted energies. The bells scare away evil spirits and bring good luck and positivity into the home. They can be hung as a decoration on the wall as well. 

This handmade style of witches bells is a completely original concept and style of The Crow's Cauldron, never have been seen before! I take pride in each and every one of my witches bells, made by hand and all are unique in their own way. Not one is the same.

You will receive the exact witch bell pictured in this listing.