Craft Your Own Mojo Bag: Healing

Craft Your Own Mojo Bag: Healing

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The DIY: Mojo Bags are a Crow's Cauldron original. My whole goal is to teach new witches how to craft themselves, and this is a perfect way for beginner witches to make their very own, hands-on mojo bag! It includes everything you need for the chosen purpose (healing), including the velvet bag, herbs, roots, powders, curios, coins, shells and more to place inside, and an instructions guide on how to do it and take care of it.

This listing is for 1 DIY Mojo Bag Kit for Healing Some items you will find in this bag are: blue velvet bag, juniper berries, hibiscus, lavender and more. Feel free to add any other personal items to this bag if you wish.

You will from start to finish learn how to craft your very own mojo/charm bag for success. You will learn the skills to craft one, feed it and take care of it. Then, you can apply your knowledge to future workings in your path!


Charm bags, Mojo Bags, Gris-Gris Bags, Spell Sachets, they are all different names for essentially a "spell in a bag". For centuries, different cultures and religions have used this idea of sewing a piece of fabric and filling it with herbs, oils and curios to create a magick spell inside a bag, that is then carried around and used as an amulet to manifest your intentions.