Banishing- Conjure Oil

Banishing- Conjure Oil

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Conjure Oil, also known as anointing, conditioning, dressing or ritual oils, they are essentially a base of carrier oil of the crafters choosing, with added herbs, roots, powders, resins, flowers, essential and / or fragrance oils.

This banishing oil is used to get rid of a person, place, thing or specific situation. If you have someone and you want them gone, somebody needing to take a one-way trip out if town or a freeloader growing roots on your couch. Where hotfoot powder makes the person want to leave, this oil aggressively shows them the door. This is a much more stronger option when hot foot is not sufficient. This oil is intended to help you say “be gone!", for the last time. Banishing oils can also be used to help get rid of unhealthy situations, negative energy, negative thoughts or people who are generally causing you harm. It’s good for banishing specific people from your life as well as bad habits, limiting beliefs, unwanted mental states and issues such as depression, stress, anxiety and more.

15mL / 1/2oz

skin safe, but always do a sensitivity patch test.


• add to baths/showers/soaks • anoint the skin/body • anoint window sills, doorways, thresholds • feed mojo bags • floor & wall washes • floor sweeps • sigil drawing • candle dressing • spell jars • home diffuser or simmer pots • money or salt bowls • cleaning & cleansing • anoint altar tools or witchcraft items • offerings • spell workings •